big payments
tiny fees

Nickel helps building material businesses accept large and complex payments with ease
No monthly fees
Free ACH & bank transfers
Pay a flat 2.9% for all credit cards
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Get started without any IT

Create a payment link and get paid anywhere, without ever giving out your bank details

Get started

Create a payment link

Create a secure link to request payments from customers. Never give out your bank details again

Share it with customers

Send the link to customers or embed it into your invoice and website for a seamless experience

Receive funds in your bank account

Track the payment status in Nickel and easily manage settlements, refunds and disputes
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The ideal payment experience for your business customers

Encourage faster payments and keep customers coming back with the best payments experience designed for business customers
Customers can pay with their preferred methods
Save frequently used payment methods and pay with One-Click
Customers enjoy the same low fees, including free ACH

Tailored to your workflows and customers

Nickel is designed to fit into and simplify your workflows, not work against it. Nickel Payment Links are fully customizable with just a few clicks
Collect critical customer information and documents
Customize payment methods and who pays the fees
Allow customers to make short or over payments
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Dashboard mockup

Take the guesswork out of reconciliation

Track every transaction and always know where your money is. Transactions match your bank account one-for-one and removes the guesswork out of reconciliation
Each payment is settled individually into your bank account
Detailed and clean statement data for fast reconciliation
Provide partial or full refunds with one click

Know exactly how much you'll pay

No surprises or hidden fees. You can further boost your margins by sharing the cost of payment processing with customers
Credit and Debit Cards
Single flat rate for all card transactions, including card present, over the phone and non-qualified transactions
ACH and eChecks
Unlimited ACH and eChecks
Bank Transfers
Unlimited bank transfers
Disputes and returns
No penalties for chargebacks, returns and disputed transactions
Hidden Fees
We never charge any hidden fees
Settlement Time
3 Days
Receive funds in your bank account in less than 3 days for no additional cost

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my payment link is secure?
Nickel works directly with FDIC insured banks to process payments and offers bank grade security out of the box.
How much does payment processing cost?
ACH, eChecks and bank transfers are always free. You pay a flat 2.9% for cards with no hidden charges.
Can I pass on or share the fees with my customers? 
Yes, you can pass some or all of the fees to your customers. Nickel will take care of the compliance and abide by each state's surcharge regulation.
How long does it take to receive the funds?
Nickel offers an industry leading T+2 business days settlement time. You can upgrade your account to Nickel Pro for even faster payouts.
Are payments settled in batches?
No, each payment is settled individually into your bank account. Nickel transactions match bank statements one-for-one and are incredibly easy to reconcile.
How does Nickel handle chargeback and returns?
We provide a white glove service to help you manage disputes and returns. Our payments concierge team will help walk you through every step of the process

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