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Nickel helps construction supply businesses move money and safeguard against fraud & audits

Simple tools for complex businesses

Nickel helps businesses spend less time on complex finance tasks and more time with their customers

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Send and receive money with ease while safeguarding your business from fraudulent charges
Sales Tax AI
Take the guesswork out of sales tax and automate exemptions from collection to audit
Trusted by industry leaders and businesses of all sizes
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Industrial strength payments

Send or receive individual payments up to $1M effortlessly and securely. ACH and bank transfers are always free.

Accept large business payments without hiccups
Receive Payments
Take payments online, via text message, in person or over the phone
Give customers more ways to pay, with support for card, ACH & more
Speed up payments and reduce friction with 1-Click Pay
Nickel Payments Portal to get paid.
Pay any vendor your way, with just a few clicks
Send Payments
Pay with card or ACH, even when they’re not accepted
Split bills into multiple payments
Vendors don't need a Nickel account to receive money
Pay vendors with different payment methods.
Better settlements for seamless reconciliation
Try Better Settlements
Transactions are settled into your bank account individually
Bank and Nickel records match one-to-one for easy reconciliation
No surprise transaction holds or blocks
Reconcile payments against your bank account settlements.

Boost margins with every transaction

Unlimited free ACH, eCheck and bank transfers
Flat 2.9% fee for all cards
No hidden charges

Stop losing money to fraud

Nickel Fraud Protection defends your business from fraudulent chargebacks and returns. If an incident occurs, we'll reimburse you for the full disputed amount. Safeguard your business and experience a true peace of mind.
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Safeguard every transaction

Nickel ensures that every sale is protected against fraud. Coverage starts as low as 0.25% per transaction

Unlimited coverage

Nickel Fraud Protection does not place a cap on single transactions or annual coverage benefits

One-click reimbursement

Don't worry about disputes or submitting evidence. We'll reimburse you first and then help you dispute the charge

Fully audit proof your business

Stop getting penalized and audited for sales tax. Nickel eliminates the guesswork and helps you make better sales tax decisions faster.

Verify sales tax exemption cerificates.
Collect sales tax exemptions anywhere, anytime
Collect Certificates
Send customers a link to collect documents
Customers can register and renew certificates using Nickel
Always free for customers and they do not need to sign up
Verify your sales tax exemption certificates.
Instantly verify the sender's identity and certificate
Verify Certificates
Verify the identity and TIN of 100% of registered businesses
AI-Powered tools to automatically assess the scope of exemptions
Tricky documents are flagged for manual review
Request new certificates
Put compliance and record keeping on autopilot
Automate Compliance
Import existing documents and manage them in one place
Track expirations and automatically request new documents
Assess your exposure and track audit readiness in real time

Unrivaled support, performance and security

Nickel offers around the clock expertise and support to answer your most pressing questions and propel your business forward.

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Dedicated payments and sales tax experts that respond to emails and calls within 60 minutes
The fastest business-to-business payment experience with one-click pay built in
Rest assured with bank-grade security and SOC 2 compliance
Chicago Brass Architectural Hardware
Nickel is just so easy. I’m saving more than $15K this year on payment processing fees. It’s absolutely a no brainer.
Will Alpsteg, Owner
Chicago Brass Architectural Hardware
My expertise is in specifying and selling supplies, not payments. I trust Nickel to take finance tasks off my hands so that I can focus on helping customers
Pete Schnakenberg, Owner
improve margins. protect your business.
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