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Collect and verify sales tax exemption certificates with confidence. Eliminate the guesswork and safeguard your business from audits.
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How it works

One-stop shop for all your sales tax compliance needs

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Certificates Exchange Portal

Send your branded Certificates Exchange Portal to customers and automatically collect exemption certificates

Guided registration experience

Customers are guided through a simple process to submit an existing exemption certificate or register for a new one

Automatically verify documents

Nickel will automatically verify the documents and ensure that you receive valid certificates every time
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Reduce errors and receive completed certificates every time

Eliminate the back and forth with customers and collect the right documents every single time. Nickel is always free to use for your customers.
Help customers select and fill out the correct forms
Support secure, digital signatures
Customers don't need to set up an account

Instantly verify dozens of fields

Nickel automatically reads the information from hundreds of state forms. Nickel completely eliminates manual verification and data entry
Detects common fields on single and multi-state forms
Automatically recognizes 100% of registered businesses
Analyzes the scope of coverage and determine if it's applicable
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Monitor documents and exposure in every state

Track your exposure in real time and send automated requests for expired or missing certificates, eliminating the need to manually monitor compliance
Import existing certificates and securely manage them in Nickel
Know exactly which certificates are invalid, missing or expiring soon
Request new documents with one click

Know exactly how much you'll pay

Pay as you go with no hidden fees
Core Platform
$200 / month
Includes branded Certificates Exchange Portal, auto monitoring, renewals and verifications
Exemption Certificates
per certificate per month
Nexus Monitoring
Stay up to date on your exposures
Sales Tax Calculations
Get the latest rates from all 1,200 local jurisdictions
Number of Customers
Receive exemption certificates from all your customers

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to register an exemption certificate? 
It's free for your customers to submit or register an exemption certificate
Does Nickel support Multi-State certificates?
Yes, absolutely!
Does Nickel support digital signatures?
Yes, your customers can sign for their exemption certificates directly in Nickel
Do I need to collect exemption certificates if I'm not registered to collect sales tax in the state? 
No, but it's highly recommended, especially if you expect to collect sales tax in the state in the future
I have a question about sales tax, can Nickel help me?
Yes, we have dedicated sales tax experts in house. You can direct your questions to

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