Pay any vendor with your favorite card

Or send a bank transfer for free. Your vendor receives the payment directly in their bank account
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How it works

The easiest and fastest way to send money

Get started

Make a payment

Select a payment amount and pay using card, ACH or bank transfer

Send it to your vendor

Nickel will send a check or bank transfer to your vendor. They do not need a Nickel account to accept the payment

Stay in the know

Track your payment every step along the way. Eliminate endless email chains and updates about payments
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Never write or mail another check again

Most businesses only accept paper checks. But Nickel gives you more ways to make payments and saves you hundreds of hours a year
Pay using card or ACH, even when they're not accepted
Hold onto cash longer and improve cashflow
Save hundreds of hours a year on payment processing

Eliminate the back and forth with vendors

Keep your vendors in the know with real time notifications. Nickel also lets you securely send important documents like POs and lien waivers with payment
Notify vendors of payment status in real time
Securely send documents along with payments
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Dashboard mockup

You're in control, from withdrawal to deposit

Know exactly when payments are withdrawn from your account, received by vendors, and customize what shows up on bank statements
Cancel any payments midway
Decide what shows up on checks and bank statements
Each payment is withdrawn individually from your bank account

Know exactly how much you'll pay

Payments are always free for your vendors to receive. There are no surprises or hidden fees
Credit and Debit Card
Single flat rate for all card payments
ACH and eChecks
Unlimited ACH and eChecks
Bank Transfers
Unlimited bank transfers
We mail your check
per transaction, which includes check printing and postage

Frequently asked questions

Who can I pay using Nickel?
You can pay any businesses, contractors or individuals using Nickel
Can I use an American Express card? 
Yes, Nickel supports American Express and all other major credit cards. We charge a flat 2.9% regardless of the card you use
How long does it take for vendors to receive the payments?
Varies depending on the payment methods you select. Typically it takes 3 - 5 days
Does the recipient need a Nickel account?
No, recipients do not need a Nickel account to receive funds.
Do the recipients have to pay any fees?
No, it's free to for anyone to receive payments via Nickel
Does my business name show up on the check?
Yes, the check will display your business name and address
Can I include an invoice or PO number on the check?
Yes, up to 10 characters

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